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Rumor: wowser susceptible to disease?

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There is a rumor spread widely among the people, that the rest of us than the average low resistance and immunity, more prone to illness. Really?
A netizen comments:
1, users: up to 34 years old teachers
The rest of us will be more about health, will not have what disease!
This is a fallacy! Do not speak of health people do not get sick, health should be sick? I am a neat freak, regardless of the classroom or at home, I will clean together and everyone's heart is clean, so comfortable!
2, friends: sweet cookie composer of the age of 45
Wowser too clean, not only abnormal body immunity will also lower heart.
The most important thing is to be happy. Wowser too clean to fight bacterial ability is not strong, if to the navigable environment or dirty environment will immediately get sick, not only psychological allergy body will be worse.
Two, the rest of us ordinary people than the lower immunity?
(1) the so-called "hygiene hypothesis" refers to the improvement of economic conditions that had been clear and peaceful coexistence of mankind co evolution of microorganisms, weakened their in regulating the body's immune system, making you more prone to allergic or autoimmune diseases. On the other hand, the second infectious diseases after the change of new human infectious diseases especially some new viruses without coevolution of human experience, mutual hostility and "destroy", so easy to stimulate a more severe immune reaction and occurrence of disease.
Therefore, good sanitation and medical care, and personal hygiene improvement but may increase the risk of allergies and autoimmune diseases, the benefits can reduce those infectious disease popular risk.
(2) the cleanliness is rather too clean "rather than" compulsive cleaning action to cause excessive fear of the bacteria ", its effects mainly in personal hygiene, rather than the main environmental health conditions and health status, so the people of the so-called" immunity and resistance "has little effect.
(3) the so-called immunity, resistance is not standardized, the relationship between human diseases and the immune system is very complex, there are still many unsolved mysteries. But at least one thing is clear, the reaction ability of the immune system (that is, people often say immunity) in the occurrence and progression of different diseases is not a single, linear, but very complicated, sometimes strong reaction increases the risk and severity of the disease. The so-called resistance is a more general, not specific indicators. On the whole, it can not be said that the immunity, resistance to increase or weaken.
So, cleanliness can reduce people's resistance and immunity is not standardized, but also not established.

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