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Do you have a good understanding of your girlfriends underwear?

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Underwear is related to the health of the female private parts of the important personal clothing, but there are not too many girls too much trouble, put down every day to get down to the underwear to wash together, this practice is wrong. Because most of the secretion on the underwear is protein, if not promptly cleaned, it is easy to become a breeding ground for bacteria.
In addition, the residual odor underwear to attract some mosquitoes and other insects, increasing the difficulty of cleaning. If you are not wearing clean underwear, may cause gynecological diseases.
At the same time, due to the close contact with the special physiological parts, there are special requirements for health. If mixed with the coat, it is easy to the outside world of pathogenic bacteria and pollution sources to the underwear, especially socks, easy to mold. If mixed with underwear, the mold will spread to the underwear.
The correct way to clean underwear
Cleaning underwear each person uses the cleaning method is not the same, now introduce several more practical methods:
Detergent cleaning: can be thoroughly cleaned, but the stubborn stains can not be completely cleaned.
Bleach water cleaning: there is a bactericidal effect can also be removed yellow stains, but the chloride of the bleaching water irritating strong, we should pay attention to bleaching water residue, too much stimulation to the private parts. Must pay attention to. Must be washed clean.
Hot water after washing: it is recommended to use, it is recommended that each time you wash your underwear with hot water to cook for 15 minutes, can thoroughly sterilization, and better cleaning.
In addition, experts also remind underwear can not choose too tight underwear. Underwear is too tight, easy to produce frequent friction with the vulva, anus, urethra, so that the anus or vaginal secretions of the bacteria into the vagina or urethra, causing urinary tract or reproductive system disease infection.
Can not wear chemical fiber underwear. Is mainly related to sweat absorption ability, chemical fiber permeability and hygroscopicity are relatively poor, the leucorrhea and perineal gland secretions not volatile, resulting in a wet environment is very conducive to the propagation of bacteria.
On the general, frequently changing underwear is very important, and how to clean underwear is the most important. Have you cleaned your underwear?

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